More Privacy

Tired of all those privacy updates? I bet you are.

I’ve made it as simple as I could: I was already collecting very little personal data, but I’ve been able to trim it some more:

  • I’ve removed third-party analytics (Fabric/Crashlytics) from all my apps. I was close to doing that when Fabric was bought by Google; the upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gave me the final push. There’s no reason for Google to have any information about how you’re using my apps.
  • I’ve also removed Google Analytics from my websites. The small benefit of knowing the number of visitors and where they came from was not worth the hassle of having to tell you about this and getting your permission to collect that information. Again, it’s data about you that I don’t want to share with Google. Feels good to be tracker-free.

Zero trackers

I have two favors to ask you:

  • When Apple asks you to share anonymous usage data and crash reports with developers, please agree. Those crash reports really help developers improve their apps.
  • For the mailing lists, I will need your affirmative consent to continue to send you email. No consent, no more Go Books Newsletter for you. So please agree to update your settings when that mail comes.

I know very little about you and how you’re using my apps, and that’s perfect. But that also means that I rely on you to tell me when the apps are less than perfect. And of course, if you’re happy with the apps, please tell your friends. Thank you in advance – I’ll never know that they heard it from you.