Twitter for Go Players

Twitter can be a great way to get news about topics you’re interested in. But it only works if you find the right people to follow. If you’re a Go player, start by following @smartgo, then pick some of the following (in no particular order):

@gobum @imabuddha @FunkeeMonk @ludwig1024 @alfmikula @kyubic @DavidPlumpton @hanekomu @nexik @361points @Oolong4Go @RoboJenny

Go associations on Twitter: @theaga @britgo

If you know Japanese: @igonews

Go-related tweets are often marked with a hashtag you can search for. I use #weiqi, others use #igo or #baduk.

You can find people to follow for any topic that interests you. I like to keep up with President Obama through @markknoller. @daringfireball delivers insights into iPhone and Mac issues. @badbanana provides my style of humor. The science fiction writer William Gibson writes as @GreatDismal.

Enjoy. Follow people and check out what they say. If they tweet too often, or don’t suit you, simply unfollow. And at some point you might want to tweet yourself.